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Smederevo Fortress – the biggest lowland fortress in Europe


    To those who are planning a visit to Serbia, I highly reccomend visiting the City of Smederevo which is only 46km far from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade.
The main, most important and magnificent tourist attraction of Smederevo certainly is the Smederevo Fortress. That’s the biggest lowland fortress in Europe. It is located on the mouth of Danube and Jezava rivers. It was built in the 15th century by the Serbian Despot Djuradj (George) Branković. Djuradj himself, being one of the most educated European rulers of the time had very rich library; Kir-Stefan the Serb lived and worked on the Despot’s court. After 1459 Smederevo remained under the Turks and it was held by them until 1867. During the WWII the German occupational forces were storing some 400 thousand tons of ammunition in the area of the Big Town. In an explosion that took part in June 1941, two and a half thousand people lost their lives. The city of Smederevo later managed to demand and be paid war damages from the Germans on account of that event, which makes it unique in the world. The fortress was placed on the Tentative List for possible nomination as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO).
You can enjoy the magical view of the whole complex of the fort and the river Danube from the walls of a Small town. The Fortress consist of the Big town (public area) and the Small town (court). The cost of an individual ticket for the Small town is symbolic- only 1€.
The Fortress is an exclusive venue for musical, theatrical and other cultural events. In the summer time, the Small Town is the stage to the Fortress Theatre, an international theatre festival ( The festival Smederevo’s autumn is devoted to fruits of autumn (fruits, grapes and vine) with medieval knights carneval and a rich cultural and artistic program ( , ). This event has a long tradition, it was established in 1888.
Enjoy a visit to this magical place!ImageImageImage