Maybe it’s weird to write about winter in summer, especially if we take into account the fact that I love winter, but adore summer. Anyway, it was a long time ago when I realised that it is much better to write about traveling experiences after summing up the impressions which requires a certain time lag.

Last winter, I skied in the French Alps. It was the second time that I spent my winter holiday in France. Four years ago, we were in Les Sybelles area, which belongs to the Savoy Alps. The name of the picturesque mountain village where we stayed is Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves.

However, going to the most famous area of the French Alps (Les 3 Vallees -The Three Valleys) this winter, made me completely speechless. We stayed at a place called Orelle that is connected by the longest telecabine (a gondola lift, a cable car) in the world to Plan Bouchet (the skiing area that is part of The Three Valleys). The accommodation was located at 800 meters above sea level, where the gondola lift, in 12 minutes, pulled us out at astonishing 2000m!

Since we were on vacation in March, the weather was great. It was more like spring break. The temperature in Orelle climbed up to 23 degrees Celsius. At the ski resort the temperature climbed to zero degrees, but the subjective feeling, due to the high altitude and proximity to the Sun, β€œforced” many of skiers who were resting and sunbathing in cafes to take almost all of their clothes off :).

Besides the excellent arranged ski slopes, for serious adrenalin junkies (unfortunately or fortunately I am not one of them), there is the World’s highest zip wire. The La Tyrolienne zip line can be accessed by the Bouchet chairlift in the Orelle ski area (3200m), and it finishes at the summit of Val Thorens. The price of this, certainly memorable, but a frightening experience is 50 euros.

Others, who are not fans of skiing and other winter sports, can enjoy amazing landscapes and do something good for their health.

My warmest recommendations for spending a winter holiday in this fabulous skiing area.

Have a nice trip! πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “WINTER ADVENTURES

  1. Rebekah

    It is not so strange to write about winter in summer. 1. Summer is when we plan our winter vacation. 2. Winter seems magical in mid summer. Winter is often tiredsome cold and dark when in it. So we like to hear about summer stories in winter and magical winter stories in summer.

    Isn’t this like ”it is always greener on the other side.” ? Well I love summer more than any time of year. I do have this soft spot for autumn in Germany. This is when people start getting creative and lighting candels and preparing for Christmas. The fist snow comes and all the kids run out to the hills to sled. There is an orange glow all around. The smell of the first fireplaces being lit up. The sound of the birds flying south. Children singing on ”St. Martin’s Day” and all the beautifil lanterns, handmade by children and adults. Such a nice time of year. It gets quieter, calmer. A nice transition from the long hot, fast passed summer. Althought summer in Germany seems short compared to where I grew up.

    Have a wonderful day.

    1. madreperlam Post author

      Good point! Thank you for a wonderful, romantic description of seasons in Germany. In Serbia, where I live, the climate is temperate continental, winters are quite cold and summers are quite hot. Personally, I do not like winters in a city. Everything is grey, bare branches everywhere, days are short and nights are long. Someone will say- isn’t it time for drinking tea and sitting by the fireplace? Yes, but only for children and the retired (grandparents) who can fully enjoy the delights of winter. However, winters in a mountain is stunning, of course, I’m talking from the perspective of tourists :).
      Have a nice day!

      1. Rebekah

        Ah yes, I geuss I fit into the category of children and grandparents. I have three small children and am pregnant with another.

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